Digital Anastylosis of Frescoes challeNgE (DAFNE)
Notification of the best submissions and announcement of the winners

July 31, 2019

Thanks to all participants in the Digital Anastylosis of Frescoes challeNgE (DAFNE) for their commitment, their creativity, and their teamwork, very promising for the field of anastylosis.
Of the twenty-eight registered teams coming from eight different countries (Brazil, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, United Kingdom, USA) we received nine different proposed solutions.
In accordance with the quality requirements and metrics specified in the challenge notice, two participants (one individual and one team) resulted of equal merit for the metric award. Considering the excellent quality of the contributions received, and being one of these participants also the only one competing for the inclusion award, the Evaluating Committee decided to gather these two awards and to share the resulting amount (6,000.00 EUR) redistributing the prizes as follows:

• FIRST PRIZE of equal merit to the participant belonging to the autism spectrum (3,000.00 EUR) and to Lermé Nicolas's three people team (3,000.00 EUR);
• THIRD PRIZE to BIPLab@unisa (Barra Silvio, Barra Paola, Nappi Michele and Narducci Fabio) (2,000.00 EUR).

The prizes are sponsored by Rotary, CVPL, and AICA and are subject to their restrictions and requirements. Winners are asked to identify a recipient - an individual or entity - who will provide tax documentation.

DAFNE Evaluating Committee members: Virginio Cantoni (President of Rotary Club Pavia and Director of CVML - Computer Vision & Multimedia Lab - University of Pavia), Vito Cappellini (Emeritus Professor of the University of Florence and Chairman of EVA FLORENCE - Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts), Gianluca Foresti (President of CVPL - Italian Association for Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning), Giuseppe Mastronardi (past President of AICA - Associazione italiana per l'Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico), Giovanna Mastrotisi (Governor of Rotary District 2031), Pierluigi Politi (Director of the Psychiatry Unit and of the Autism Laboratory - University of Pavia), Nicu Sebe (President of ICIAP 2019 - International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing).

The results have been presented at the 20th International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing (ICIAP 2019), held in Trento, Italy (9-13 September 2019), focusing on both classic and recent trends in computer vision, pattern recognition and image processing, and covering both theoretical and applicative aspects. During the conference, winning participants were awarded their prize.

The proposed algorithms have been published, after a peer review, in a dedicated Virtual Special Issue on "Digital Anastylosis of Frescoes challeNgE (DAFNE)" of Pattern Recognition Letters (Elsevier journal).

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