Piercarlo Dondi

Tel: +39 0382 985372/985486

Curriculum vitae


Piercarlo Dondi has obtained the master's degree in Computer Engineering in April 2008 at University of Pavia; in January 2012 he completed the PhD in Electronics, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering with a thesis entitled "Multichannel Integration for Real-Time Multimedia Applications". In 2012 he worked at University of Pavia, with Computer Vision and Multimedia Laboratory and DCA (Digital Content Analysis) Laboratory, in projects regarding DB analysis (in collaboration with INAZ) and the creation of usable interfaces for simplifying the analysis of DVB data streams (in collaboration with SKY Italia). From 2013 to 2014 he collaborated with Telecommunications & Remote Sensing Laboratory of Pavia on the implementation of image analysis algorithms for the extraction of urban areas on Landsat images, using the Google Earth Engine platform (project founded by Google Foundation). Since July 2014 he carries out scientific research at the Arvedi Laboratory of non-invasive diagnostics in Cremona, focusing on the acquisition and the elaboration of images and 3D models of string musical instruments.

His current research activities involve:
- computer vision algorithms applied to cultural heritage;
- analysis of UV fluorescence images of historical instruments;
- image analysis of ancient manuscripts;
- 3D scan and modeling;
- study of usable interfaces for improving data visualization;
- eye tracking.

He also worked on:
- real-time segmentation and tracking;
- integration of multiple video stream (in particular depth and color) for multimedia applications, including human-computer interaction and augmented reality;
- parallel algorithms on GPU (with Nvidia CUDA architecture) for video and image editing (e.g. compression, filtering);
- analysis of remote sensing data on Google Earth Engine.


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  • Graduation Thesis

    Graduation thesis followed as assistant supervisor:

    Feb 2012 - Molinari Matteo "Image Visualizer - Progetto di un visualizzatore di immagini tridimensionali"
    Ott 2011 - Andrea La Rosa (Univerisity "La Sapienza" of Rome): "Matting automatico basato sulla combinazione di telecamere Time-of-Flight e a colori"
    Jul 2015 - Rocca Irene "Navigazione gestuale in una collezione di foto di violini Stradivari"
    Apr 2015 - Thomas Lacovara "Creazione di modelli 3D di strumenti musicali storici"
    Feb 2012 - Bini Paolo "Realtà aumentata tramite integrazione di una telecamera Time of Flight ed una telecamera a colori"