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The group of Image Processing, Computer Vision and Parallel Architectures is active in the Computer and Systems Engineering Department of the University of Pavia since the early 70s. The initial research activities of the group concentrated on the techniques of image enhancement and restoration, with particular regard for medical imagery.

Later on, the main efforts have been devoted to more advanced image processing functions, involving scene segmentation and shape characterization; a broad background has been acquired on low level and intermediate level vision tasks involving grey level statistics and structural descriptions.

From the early 80s a new stream of research has been actively followed in the field of parallel architectures for vision and image processing. The group has meanwhile developed skills in high level image processing domains, such as the management of knowledge description and of learning capabilities for vision tasks. Studies on synthesis of images, visual simulation and visual programming are also activated.

In 1995 the group founded, togheter with the Computer Science Department of the University "La Sapienza" of Rome and the Computer Science Department of the University of Florence, the Image Science and Technology Research Center IST.

From 1995 particular attention was given to image processing teaching. Two courses were introduced in the computer system engineering degree covering both the algoritmical and the hardware aspects of I.P. With the academic year 1997/98 our group will be directly involved in the Multimedia master of the European Schools of Advanced Studies.