Appendix: Last year proposal

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Instructional Grants Program in Digital Image Systems Engineering
University of Pavia
Department of Computer and Systems Engineering

Participants: Virginio Cantoni, Massimo Savini, Massimiliano Pini

Management Summary:

With the academic year 1995/96 a new course (50 hours long) will be activated, extending the previous two courses (50+25 hours long). This allows to cover not only the traditional topics (the low and intermediate levels of the image processing and pattern recognition courses, and the high level of arficial vision ones) but for the first time the hardware and software engineering aspects are introduced in detail. This request is made to complete the classroom equipment in order to augment the student practical esperimantation.

Current Image Systems Engineering Curriculum Status and Future Growth.

In the 1994/95 academic year, two specialized courses were given: fifty hours covering segmentation, texture analisys, shapes from shading, motion, stereo imaging , object recognition; 25 hours covering artificial vision including knowledge representation, semantic nets, planning, etc..

Starting with the next year, a new 50 hours course will be introduced covering: ASIC and arificial retinae, parallel and hierarchical architectures for image processing and computer vision, languages and programming environments for image processing, visual proramming and man machine interfaces for hetherogeneous data-processing.

In particular we will start since this year the coordinating activity of the courses in the fields in the Italian universities. In this first year, we will involve a number of different sites, each one with a precise training goal: tutorial packages in defined subtopics (mathematical morphology, filtering, digital transforms, etc), comparison from the educational view-point of existing IP packages, constitution of image data-bases for training and comparison purposes; exploitation of network facilities for IP courses. We will consider the opportunity of developing a distributed set of facilities to be jointly exploitable by the Italian education community.

Educational Facilities for IP at the Engineering School of the University of Pavia

Presently a classroom containing 32 HP 9000/705 workstations connected in four clusters are used for all the IP courses. The requested HP equipment is to complete this classroom with an adeguated plotter, and some software packages to develop the training tools of the classroom.rained Vision Machine, Machine Vision